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From: Leo Gaje [mailto:
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2001 11:56 PM
To: P. Greg Alland
Subject: RE:Response

Dear Greg, Greetings,
Thanks for your e-mail.I wish you also good health and many more years of your dedications will be rewarded in due time.

You have all the reason to communicate directly to me because between you and me we had the beginning and that beginning was not enjoyed by anybody. Whatever,
the result of many years of absence, the foundation of our relaltionship was more than anything else. Actually, many got jealous of you because they wanted to get close to me as you were close to me. Billy had this notion that he can be close to me to grab the opportunity, but that is not the end of the philosphy and the culture which is ours.

Actually greg,we have no differences, it is just because of some greed that comes between us that made someone took the opportunity. No matter what you do the elements of the things you do comes back to me and that is the thing you cannot forget neither i will disown that. As a matter of fact the pekiti tirsia Germany/ Europe is
the fruit of your labor and the blade fighters, Guild of Tom Sotis. So, remember that when things are to be reckoned with, what ever happens we can still continue
our relationship like the old, old days. We are already matured and responsible enough to realize that forgiveness is the price of happiness and of course your skill to propogate the art as an FMA must be recognized.

This Novemebr is the biggest event in the Philippines. Now the government recognize the importance that the art will help the economy of the country and because of this we spearhead the movement by having the WORLd KALI GRANDCHAMPIONHIP, SPONSOREDBY THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT, DEPT. OF TOURISM , ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES AND THE PHILIPPINE SPORTS COMMISSION. I want you to be present because the President of the Philippines and the many dignitaries will attend the event. Tom Sotis will be the Chairman of the Knifefighting division. Awards will be given and promotions will be given personally by the President of the Philippines. Her Excellency Gloria M.Arroyo and the SEc. of Tourism Richard Gordon.

You come because I will present to you your official authority of the SINATIRSIAWALI and your special award for the 30 years of hard achievement in the promotion of the FMA. I have the power to elevate your credibility so that the world will recognized you as the true master of the art.You know Greg it is about time that you can lead the changes in the UNited States in so far as the true practices of the art.

Because of your ability to encourage people and your skill to win friends and influence people. Sooner we will be in the world sports, and I want you to be with
me wherever and whenever we make the world go round.If I can bring others to go with me into the highestpedestal of achievements, why can't I bring you when
had made sacrifices with me in new York and many places. I only want people who can stand before anyone and fight. One thing you will not find Billy
under my blessings.

So, let me know your plans and your plkan to bring people and I will accomodate you. But i want you todirectly deal with me and nobody else.

My best reagards and God Bless.

GRandtuhon Gaje
Greetings Leo:
Thank you for the time to digest your lasts emails. Our continued relationship in promoting the Philippine Martial Arts has always existed, dispite what others have said, about me, about Billy and about you. I have always been by your side, since the beginning and have continued to be by your side even behind your back and everyone elses. May I remind you we recite the following before and after each class, here it is verbatum:

"We are a circle, equal as one, with no beginning and no end. This is the art and science of human life, we call SinaTirsiaWali.

So I need your help to promote you publically: What ever you may prepare in the future is fine. What I need now is: A web page on your website and on Uli's of the following. It is Pekiti Tirsia. It never was Pekiti-Tirsia. I have given Uli use of already. The entry goes right to him. A promotion to Master. Not that I am, but others have heard you discredit me. A press release to everyone of only these details.

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From: leo gaje []
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 10:28 PM
To: P. Greg Alland
Subject: RE: I will send you the November affair and you do the release


All participants arrive manila/transportation to clark will be made ready to each group: reception committee will be at the airport.


Instructors Candidate course training on Advanced technology

Opening ceremonies for the Grandchampionship welcoming ceremony by the Secretary of Tourism and Governor of Pampanga

Official opening and declaration by her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, President of the Philippines: Opening of the tournament proper.

Final Grandchampionship and awarding of Trophys for Grandchampion and Divisional Champions, Awarding of Special Awards and Grandpromotions for
higher Ranks and Titles to Pekiti-Tirsia Instructors.Guest of Honors: Chief of the Armed forces of the Philippines and Commissioner for the Philippine Sports Commssion.

Final Despedidas by the Government High Dignitaries: Dinner Party.

The training camp will feature comphrhensive, in-depth instuctionin all systems and categories of pekiti-tirsia kali and will be structured for all skill levels :Advanced instructors will be under the instructions of Grandtuhon to include the introduction of the Tri-V formula for Combat Sports in preparation for the tournament. A special private instructional blocksfor all for all class levels. Advanced instructors will have an opportunity to teach in review for the structured blocks of solo baston, double baston, daga y baston.

The is is the best opportunity to learn the most advanced Tri-V Formula taught for the first time to be used for combat sports under the personal tutelage foR
the Supreme Grandmaster. Each day will bring advanced knowledge that will be trained , drilled and fought on your path of mastery of the Pekiti-Tirsia system.

Basic recommended Gear list:
1)Suitable warm weather althletic clothing.

2)Athletic shoes.


4)Weaponry-rattan US made Aluminum training ginunting, parang and Dagas will be made ready for purchase, Authentic size,shape,
length,with hardwood handles, Philipine and US made live balde ginunting, Parang and other forms of indigenous blades will be ready for sale.

5) protective equipments, headgear, hand/elbow/ groin protection, safety eyeglass recommended.

MISC.Gear Casual clothing for ceremonies and recreations.

Hot line telephone numbers: Greg (917) 535 KALI (5354) - Tuhon: 063-919-200-36-67

GREG, I authorize you to do the Press release, LTG


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" Seremos um circulo,sem início nem fim,respeitaremos todas as artes e ciências, praticaremos todos para aprender a nossa arte, por meio do corpo e da mente , atingiremos a alma; esta é a nossa arte : Kali Silat sina tirsia walli "

"Eu prometo para o criador no céu e meu instrutor na terra que vou dar valor ao conhecimento recebido, e escrever o ensinamento em meu coração.."

"Eu me curvo diante você por respeito, não por submissão.

Eu estendo a ti a mão de amizade, pois eu prefiro isso a mão da guerra.

Eu treino para ser um guerreiro com sabedoria."

"Eu estou preparado para combater você.

Mesmo sabendo que sua habilidade por ser maior do que a minha.

Não temo que meu corpo físico caia morto à sua frente.

Pois meu espírito se levantará novamente.

Ele é invencível."